Friday, February 04, 2005


Being Overweight Doesn't Mean You Have to Stay Overweight

Losing weight is really very easy, or rather it would be if it wasn’t for one thing – our lack of self confidence.

For example, many of us would love to be slim but when we think of dieting we just get depressed. Why? Because we don’t believe that dieting works – at least not for us! Why not?

Because it never has! We’ve tried every diet on the market – all to no avail. Result? We say to ourselves: ‘What’s the point? Why bother?’ Even if we do start dieting, we don’t take it seriously and we give up at the earliest opportunity.

Does this sound like you? If so, let me give you some blunt advice. The reason you have failed to lose weight in the past has absolutely nothing to do with your ability to lose weight today. The truth is, anyone can lose weight and that includes you. Don’t forget, there are no fat people in a famine.

So why have you failed in the past? The answer is because you didn’t follow a sensible diet, or – if you did – because you didn’t follow it for long enough. For example, you can’t expect to see much of a change in your weight in less than two months, especially if you are quite heavy to begin with. You must be more patient and give your diet time to produce the sort of weight-loss that you can feel and appreciate.

Ideally, if you have a fair amount to lose, give yourself about three months, during which time you should lose about two stone. Then you can decide what to do. For example, if you feel better being two stone lighter, then you may want to lose a bit more. Or if you prefer, you can go back to your coleslaw and chips, and put it all back on.

In other words, give your diet enough time to produce results! Then, once you see the benefits, you can make a proper decision about what weight suits you best. I mean you can’t start a new diet and expect your weight problem to disappear in a couple of weeks, because it never will. Not even the Pope, with all his influence, can lose weight that quickly!

The moral? If you want to lose weight and make a new start in life, don’t waste time worrying about past failures. Find yourself a sensible diet and stick with it! Give yourself about three months to lose two stone and you won’t look back, I promise you.

I meet lots of new slimmers of all shapes and sizes who are shocked to discover that they can lose weight as easily as the next person. For many of them, it’s a completely new experience. They just can’t believe it!

So if you feel bad about your size and shape, just remember this: being fat doesn’t mean you have to stay fat! You can lose weight anytime you want, provided you pick a sensible diet and give it chance to work. Get the message?

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