Thursday, February 03, 2005


Eat Yourself Slim

A friend of mine from Ireland came to see me recently about her weight. She has put on nearly two stone in two years. ‘I’m so miserable’ she says. ‘What can I do?’ She knows the answer of course: she just wants me to say it. So I do. Why not go on a diet, I say.

She says she will, but it’s going to be difficult. Why? Because she adores fat. For example, nothing gives her greater pleasure than tucking into a bag of crisps or a nice fatty lamb chop with fried onions and gravy.

The conversation continues and she tells me about her eating habits. For breakfast, she has toast with lots of butter. ‘I love butter’ she says, her mouth almost watering at the thought of it. What about lunch? She usually skips lunch – she is too busy. Apart from the occasional chocolate biscuit, she doesn’t usually have anything more until her main meal in the evening.

Her main meal might include a couple of chops, bacon and cabbage, or roast chicken, with potatoes and one vegetable. Unfortunately for her shape, her favourite part of the meal is the fatty part, like the fat on the bacon joint or the fatty edges of the chops, or the chicken skin. She never has a dessert, but she might have a bag of crisps a bit later and perhaps a couple of biscuits before going to bed. Does she like fruit? No. She hates it.

Does she eat out? Oh Yes, she loves going out for a meal. Sometimes, during the day, she might have something fast like burger and chips, and at night she might occasionally go out for a good steak with chips, fried onions and garlic mushrooms. She doesn’t drink a huge amount but she’s quite capable of having 6 or 7 drinks in a session.

How is her health? For example, does she suffer from tiredness? Does she often feel bloated? Does she often get infections and have to visit her doctor for an antibiotic? Does she sleep badly? Does she often feel stressed out? Does she avoid all exercise? Her answer to all these questions is Yes.

In other words, my friend is fairly typical. She’s overweight, eats lots of fat, hates fruit, drinks too much at a time, takes no exercise, gets tired, takes too many antibiotics and feels miserable. She wants to lose weight and feel good, but she doesn’t really know how to start. Are you a bit like this? Would you like to improve your figure and start feeling good again? If so, here is some no-nonsense advice.

Eat more food!

Instead of eating small portions of fatty food, start eating large amounts of good food! For example, start with a good breakfast of cereal, beans on toast and perhaps a yogurt, a tin of fruit or a banana. For lunch, have a huge sandwich and make yourself an extra one to eat during the afternoon. Fill your sandwiches with anything except butter or mayonnaise.

For your main meal, enjoy a huge plateful of potatoes, vegetables and beans with either, a juicy chicken fillet, a lean piece of meat, or fish. For dessert, have a yogurt, a tin of fruit or a large scoop of low-calorie ice-cream. Finally, before you go to bed, enjoy a bowl of cereal with chopped banana. In addition, during the day, squeeze a few oranges for yourself, and drink half a pint of low-fat milk.

Why eat all this?

Because it's good for your body, good for your mind and very good for your weight. What makes me so sure? Because I’ve been helping people to get slim for more than 15 years, and in all this time, no one who has followed this sort of diet has ever failed to lose weight and feel great. So get eating and start living! You won’t believe how wonderful it feels!


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