Saturday, February 05, 2005


Give Yourself Time to Lose Weight

Are you the world’s most impatient slimmer? Do you feel like tearing your hair out when you don’t lose weight fast enough? If so, here’s something to think about, which may help.

I want you to try and imagine that you have slimmed down to your perfect weight.

I want you to imagine that now, after six months of dieting, you have the sort of lovely slim figure you’ve always wanted. So just for a moment, imagine your stomach is flat, your hips are shapely, your bottom is firm and your legs are slim. In other words, imagine that your body is exactly how you’ve always wanted it to be. Got the picture?

OK, now imagine that you are sitting in a café with a friend. Why are you there? Because your friend wants to talk about slimming. You see, despite years of dieting, she has never succeeded in losing weight. Why not? Because she is too impatient and never gives her diet a chance to work. However, having watched you get slimmer and slimmer over the past six months, she is curious to learn your secret.

The first question she asks you is this: ‘Was it worth it? Was it worth all the effort of being patient and eating sensibly, for six whole months, just to be slim?’ If she asked you this, what would you reply?

Remember: you’re the perfect weight, you’re feeling great and you’re wearing exactly the sort of clothes that you’ve wanted to wear, for years, and now here is someone asking you if it was worth dieting for? So what would you say?

For example, would you say: ‘No, it wasn’t worth it. It was too much effort. In fact, if I could go back to where I was six months ago, I wouldn’t bother dieting: I’d rather eat chocolate and stay fat.’

Or, would you say: ‘Of course it was worth it! Sticking to my diet was the best thing I ever did. I feel like a completely different person. It has totally transformed my life.’

Which of these two replies would you give? The second one, I’m sure. Why? Because when you finally get into shape, all the sacrifices you have made and all the aggravation you have experienced along the way will be forgotten. The only thing you’ll feel is a wonderful sense of freedom!

For example, I know a huge number of people who used to be fat, but who are now slim. Very few of them found it particularly easy to change their eating habits and most needed at least six months to do it, but if I walked up to any of them and asked them whether being slim was worth all the effort of dieting, every one of them would say: Definitely! I only wish I’d done it sooner!

So, if there are times when you feel you are not losing weight quickly enough and you are tempted to give up your diet for good, just remember: your mind and body need time to change. They need time to develop the sort of good eating habits that will keep you slim. In other words, when it comes to slimming, patience isn’t a virtue: it’s a necessity.

The good news is that when you’ve done it – when you’ve got down to the weight you want to be – you’ll look back and wonder what all the fuss was about. After all, no words can possibly express the wonderful sense of freedom and confidence that you will have when you get into shape. It’s like being reborn as a completely different person. It’s like winning the lottery, having great romance and meeting the Pope, all at the same time. And if that doesn’t turn you on, nothing will!

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