Thursday, February 03, 2005


Lose Fat By Being Positive

When it comes to enjoying life, having the right attitude can make all the difference. For example, if you have a positive attitude you’ll find things easy, whereas if you have a negative attitude, you’ll find things more difficult. This isn’t airy-fairy nonsense, this is plain common sense.

For example, suppose that two shoe salesmen, Mr Negative and Mr Positive travel to the same African country to investigate the market for shoes. Within less than 48 hours, they discover that no one wears any! Result? Mr Negative sends a message to his Head Office: ‘No chance of doing business here: no one wears shoes!’ However, Mr Positive sees things differently. He reports: ‘Terrific business opportunity here: no one wears shoes!’

See how important attitude is? Both men are faced with an identical situation, but their reactions are completely different. One is ready to give up; the other is just starting! No prizes for guessing which one is more successful.

Now let’s take a look at two slimmers, Mrs Negative and Mrs Positive, both of whom want to lose 2 stone. When Mrs Negative starts dieting, all she thinks about is what she has to give up. Why? Because to her, dieting is all about denial, pain, suffering and torment. Furthermore, because she has dieted several times in the past, without success, she is firmly convinced that she can’t do it. With an attitude like this, is it any wonder that she fails?

By contrast, Mrs Positive has a completely different outlook. In her mind, dieting isn’t about giving up things, it’s about gaining things. So instead of getting suicidal about giving up cakes and biscuits, she thinks of all the nice things that dieting is going to bring her.

For example, she looks forward to gaining a lovely slim figure and buying lots of new clothes. She looks forward to regaining her confidence and being able to go out for the night without worrying about her size and shape. She can’t wait to feel more energetic and rediscover her zest for life. In other words, as far as she is concerned, dieting doesn’t mean suffering, it means salvation!

The difference between these two slimmers is even more noticeable when they have bad days. For example, whenever Mrs Negative has a bad day, she feels nothing but guilt. ‘I’m a failure’ she says to herself. ‘I can’t do it.’ So she gives up and stays fat.

However, Mrs Positive takes a different approach. She knows that she can have 65 bad days a year, and still have 300 good ones, which is more than enough to help her lose weight. So when she feels like a bit of a binge she just eats away and when the mood passes she goes back on the diet. Result? Her weight gradually goes down and down.

What sort of a slimmer are you? Are you a Mrs Negative or a Mrs Positive? Do you see dieting as something you have to do, or something you want to do? Do you see it as a necessary evil, like doing the ironing, or do you see it as an opportunity to change your life?

If up to now you’ve been more like Mrs Negative, then why not make a new start?

Why not start being more positive about yourself and your diet and concentrate on all the wonderful benefits that losing weight will bring you.

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