Thursday, February 03, 2005


Motivation to Reduce Weight

What’s the most precious commodity in the world? Gold? Platinum? Diamonds? No. The most precious commodity is happiness! Now let me ask you a question. Apart from spending large amounts of money, how are you going to make yourself happier this year?

If you’re not sure, let me make a suggestion. Why not take care of your figure, once and for all? I mean, can you think of anything else you can do which would give you more pleasure than being able to wear a pair of drop-dead jeans?

Even if you’re quite happy to carry on wearing baggy skirts, imagine how much easier life would be if you didn’t have any fat on your hips and thighs. Imagine how much lighter you would feel and how energetic you would be. For example, I know lots of people who started slimming last year when they felt completely drained, and who now can’t believe how much energy they have.
Next, imagine the difference it would make to your husband or boyfriend. Don’t forget, men may be stupid but they’re not blind and most of them prefer women to be slim rather than fat. You don’t believe me? Then watch their eyes when they see a nice slim female pass by. Woof! Woof!

Even if you’re not the slightest bit interested in attracting the opposite gender, losing weight will do wonders for your general confidence. For example, each time you look in the mirror, walk into a pub, lie on the beach, walk into a clothes shop, go to a school function, attend a wedding or simply soak in the bath, you’ll feel better about yourself and your appearance.

What’s more, as your confidence grows, all your problems start to shrink! For example, husbands become less tiresome, mothers-in-law become less irritating and even getting up in the morning becomes more of a pleasure. All because you feel better about yourself.

In other words, no matter what sort of a person you are or what sort of a life you lead, losing weight makes everything seem a lot better, and if you still have doubts, ask anyone who has lost a lot of weight. They’ll tell you how much better it is to be slim.

So why not make a new start? Why not use the next few months to get rid of your weight problem and begin a new life in the process? It will make a huge difference both to your physical well-being and your mental outlook.

Now some of you may be thinking: ‘Oh Sure, I’d love to be slim but I never will be because I can’t stick to a diet.’ If so, please don’t worry. This is a perfectly natural reaction. I mean, if you’ve never been able to stick to a diet for long, you are bound to be pessimistic about your chances.

But this shouldn’t stop you from having a go, should it? I mean, what are you going to do with the rest of your life?

Are you going to sit back and watch other people reach for the stars while you reach for a dish-cloth?

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