Saturday, February 05, 2005


Obstacle to Losing Weight

One of the biggest obstacles to losing weight is the Nothing-To-Do-With-Me syndrome. Most of us suffer from it, but some of us have a particularly bad dose. The main symptom is a complete refusal to accept responsibility for our weight. Instead, we blame it on other things.

To begin with perhaps, we blame it on our family history, or our genes, or our metabolism, or our glands, or the size of our bones. Or, we blame it on our recent marriage (everyone puts on weight in their first year of marriage, don’t they?), or our pregnancy (no one regains their figure after having children, do they?) or the fact we’re stuck indoors with small children.

Then we put on more weight and we need a few more excuses, so we blame our baking, or our sweet-tooth, or our children’s birthday parties, or Bank holidays, or Christmas, or visitors, or eating-out, or the weather.

Then, despite trying a number of diets, we get even fatter so we make even more excuses. We say we’re too fond of ourselves, or we don’t get enough exercise, or we haven’t got enough willpower.

Then we put on even more weight, only now we’re in our 40s so we call it middle-age spread and everyone gets middle-age spread, don’t they? I mean it’s nothing to do with us, is it?

See what I mean? See how we avoid responsibility for our weight? If you count them up, you’ll see that we have at least 20 good excuses as to why we’re fat. 20 good reasons why our size and shape has nothing to do with us. So we continue to fill up our shopping trolley with fatty food, safe in the knowledge that we are not responsible!

Alas, the truth is rather different. The truth is, that the vast majority of us are overweight for only one reason: because we choose to be. We choose to buy too much rubbish, we choose to cook too much rubbish, we choose to eat too much rubbish and all the excuses in the world are nothing but fairy tales.

Are you suffering from Nothing-to-do-with-me syndrome? Are you still blaming your weight problem on other things? Are you still pretending that you can’t lose weight because you don’t have the willpower? If you are, then here’s some advice: try something different! Try this new approach.

First, tell yourself that the only reason you’re fat is because you have chosen to be fat. It’s not because you’re physically incapable, big-boned, weak-willed, or metabolically abnormal, or because you’ve had four children: it’s simply because you have chosen to eat too much fatty food.

After you’ve done this, ask yourself whether you want to go on being fat. For example, are you happy with your shape or are you so embarrassed that you hide it away under baggy clothes? If you’re happy with yourself as you are, that’s fine. If not, then why not choose something different? Why not choose to be slim?

After all, once you dump all your usual excuses, what’s stopping you from starting a sensible diet, losing 2 pounds per week and being 4 stone in six months.

So go on, take a long hard look at your body and ask yourself whether you want to continue wearing your bars of chocolate, packets of crisps and tubs of coleslaw, or whether you want to make a new start and get slim.

Fat or slim, it’s your choice: it’s up to you!

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