Saturday, February 05, 2005


Weight Reduction Surgery

Weight loss surgery, also called bariatric or gastric-reduction surgery is fast becoming a viable option to treat patients suffering from severe obesity.

Gastric surgery to reduce obesity is a serious surgical operation carried out on the stomach and (in the case of bypass) on the small intestine to reduce food intake.

Typically, bariatric surgery is only performed on patients with a body mass index above 40, (ie. those with morbid obesity) although surgeons sometimes operate on lighter patients if they also suffer from serious health problems or lack of mobility.

The two basic types of weight loss surgical procedure are (1) operations (eg.LapbandĀ®) that simply reduce the size of the stomach. These are called gastric banding operations. (2) Bypass operations (eg. Roux-en-Y) which alter the digestive process, by bypassing part of the stomach and small intestine. These operations are called gastric bypass surgery.

Questions remain about safety, and long term effects of bariatric surgeries. These health concerns must be balanced against the proven health dangers of obesity.

Informative Bariatric Resource

Information About Bariatric Surgery

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